About me

Read on to learn a little bit about who I am, and why I do what I do.

How this all began

Almost 10 years ago I was hired for what I thought was my dream job—management consulting at BCG, one of the most prestigious firms in the world.

I had everything I thought I wanted—I was making great money, travelling the world and working alongside talented people on diverse projects.

From the outside I seemed to have it all figured out. But inside I felt stressed, anxious and confused.

Although I had achieved the most ambitious goal I had ever set for myself, I was less convinced that I knew anything about how to be happy and fulfilled in life.

Overcoming depression

One day my father introduced me to an A.I. computer program, built two decades earlier, called Overcoming Depression. It ran on MS-DOS and hadn't been updated in over 10 years, but it was capable of conversing with its users in everyday human language to draw out the limiting beliefs that were at the root of their problems.

The program sparked a life-altering shift for me. I discovered how powerful my mind is and how it had been holding me back.

This set in motion a 10-year journey of self-discovery to find greater meaning and happiness in my life. I began my studies in psychology, philosophy and spirituality. I invested in personal coaching, therapy and other forms of training.

Open Dialogue

I also began working alongside my father, a psychiatrist, to build our own A.I.-assisted program to help people develop greater self-awareness and a healthier mindset.

We call it Open Dialogue A.I. and we have made it available for anyone to use, free of charge.

Through this 10-year journey, I discovered my life purpose: to guide people to new levels of awareness, making them wise. My core promise is to help people accomplish more than they ever imagined was possible with less stress and pressure than ever before.

For the past 5 years I have been helping a diverse range of people overcome self-imposed limitations and find more fulfillment in life—from CEOs to clothing designers.

My work evolves constantly, and I am incredibly grateful for the contributions my clients, teachers, friends and family make.

Can I help you?

Driven people take on a lot, and find that living an ambitious life comes with a huge price tag: their own inner peace and well-being.

People often say to me: "I know I'm capable of more, but..."

  • I'm overwhelmed and stressed
  • I'm struggling to stay motivated
  • I'm worried about what others will think
  • I keep getting stuck
  • I'm afraid to go after what I really want
  • I don't know what I really want

I guide them to deep insights about the source of their stress as well as their confidence, motivation and creativity.

I am certain that you have tremendous untapped potential, and you hold the key to unlocking it.

If my story and what you find on this website resonates, I would love to meet you and see how I can serve you.

Tell me about you.

What do you want to create in your life?

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It's nice to see you again. I am curious to hear more from you.

I'm feeling stuck right now

What generally brings on this frustration?

I'm really struggling at work and watching my relationship fall apart at the same time. I feel useless and don't know what to do.

It sounds like you have a lot going on right now. How about we start by talking about what's going on at work?


An new way to manage stress.

Open Dialogue is a chat-based system that talks to you about stressful situations so that you can gain new perspective and greater awareness.

It allows you to express yourself in your own words and responds in meaningful everyday language.

These responses are designed to expand self-awareness by calling attention to aspects of your situation and thinking that you may not have considered.

Anonymous. Encrypted. For peace of mind.

Every design decision in Open Dialogue begins with the safety and privacy of your data in mind.

Create an account without using any personally identifiable information — not even your email address.

All dialogues are encrypted using multiple techniques and supported by Amazon Web Services, the largest and most secure infrastructure provider on the planet.

I want to explore this more with you over time. With some patience, curiosity and experimentation, I trust we will make discoveries.

What else can you help me with?

I can listen and ask good questions. I hope to help you uncover insights that will lead to progress for you.

Always available to respond.

You can work with Open Dialogue whenever and wherever is most convenient and comfortable for you. It is always ready, accessible and interested in what you have to say.

The program does not suffer from fatigue, boredom, problems of its own, or burn-out from emotional overload. If offers you its full attention.

Constantly learning. Helping you and the rest of the world.

At times, the program may make mistakes in interpretation. With a spirit of tolerance, these mistakes can be easily forgiven and you can simply restate your message in different words.

Each interaction with Open Dialogue helps to make it a more nuanced conversational partner. By working with it, you are supporting something that can help many people around the world.

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