The Solo Retreat Kit

Create your own wellness retreat with guided yoga, meditation and self-reflection exercises

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Three days of intentional content

Day One: The Past
Reflect on your past in order to generate insight and clarity, as well as let go of anything no longer serving you.
Day Two: The Future
Uncover a compelling vision for your future, and create a series of 1-year goals so you have practical steps to make it a reality.
Day Three: The Present
Get grounded in the here and now so that you can transition out of your retreat with confidence, clarity and motivation.
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"I love the exercises and how there are clear takeaways to practice into the week."
— Laura S
"I truly found it informative, interesting, and challenging (in a personal way), while still being easy to understand and follow."
— Jenn N

Who is this for?

The Solo Retreat Kit is designed for anyone who is committed to their own personal growth.

It's for people who want to create space in their lives for meaningful self-reflection.

No experience with health retreats, yoga or meditation is required. If you are experienced, this will also be a profoundly rewarding experience for you, as well.

Ultimately, all you need is an open mind.

How does it work?

The Solo Retreat Kit includes everything you need to organize and run your own personal retreat experience.

Each day includes a guided yoga class, self-reflection exercises, and a constantly growing "buffet" of engaging, mindfulness-based activities and experiences.

All you need to do is find a space to host your retreat, and then hit "play" on our videos. We recommend booking an Airbnb for yourself or arranging to have your own home to yourself for the duration of your retreat.

Why use the Solo Retreat Kit?

The purpose of these videos is to guide you through a deeply restorative and empowering retreat. This guidance can make all the difference in setting you up for a rewarding experience.

Creating this kind of space in your life to be alone can be transformative, but also highly prone to distraction and doubt. The Solo Retreat Kit is designed to support and empower you on your personal growth journey.

How do I get started?

If this energizes you, we invite you to sign up.

The entire 3-day program is $99 and will be sent to you immediately upon purchase.

Also, for a limited time, your purchase of the Solo Retreat Kit will include a free 30-minute coaching session with either Stuart or Ed to help you prepare for your retreat and get the most out of your experience.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to Ed via email.

Access the Solo Retreat kit for $99 CAD

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10+ interactive videos and exercises
Each day includes video-based yoga classes and interactive, self-reflection exercises to guide your retreat experience
Free 30-minute coaching session *limited-time offer*
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Create space in your life for insight and growth

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