February 17, 2020

All my relations

It’s Family Day here in BC, and I am thinking of “all my relations”—those who have come before me, are here now, and who will follow.

I am so grateful for those who are here with me:

The vast majority of those that came before me, I’ll never know. But their impact on my life is immeasurable. Their hopes and dreams, as much as their fears and misunderstandings, have shaped me and the world I live in.

And those who follow will, in time, see me as I see those before me—one of the many who handed them this world before moving on.

What can I offer to these people of the future?

What are you creating right now in your life and how will it shape the lives of those who follow you? What will be your legacy?

I’d love to contemplate this with you—don’t hesitate to contact me.

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