April 17, 2020

Dear Perfectionist

To Whomever it may interest and inspire,

Don’t hold back because you are waiting for perfection.

I know that you feel you owe it to him/her/the world, but whatever you are holding back needs to be expressed and exercised in order to become fully realized.

The greatest things must be tested in the fires and winds of the world. Some will burn up and evaporate, others will be honed and will accumulate.

Nothing, however, will be wasted.

So where are you holding back in your life?

I hold back Love in my relationships if I’m afraid that I don’t know myself perfectly—who I am, what I want, why I’m here.

I hold back Appreciation if I’m afraid I don’t have enough to offer in return. If I told you how important you are to me, but I didn’t matter to you, then what?

I hold back my Vital Energy and my most Playful Spirit if I’m afraid I can’t connect with you perfectly. What if I find my voice and everyone runs away, or laughs at me?

But I’ve felt what it’s like to live, day-in and day-out, a perfectly half-hearted life.

Let your imperfect gift see the light of day.

It may be like the frail wings of a newly reborn butterfly, but it’s a friggin’ butterfly!

Let go a little today of your judgements, of your attachment to perfection. Lighten up, and share. You have a lot more to offer than you realize.

“Angels fly because they take themselves lightly.” — G.K. Chesterton

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