November 19, 2019

Just listen

This past week I led two workshops at Arc’teryx, an iconic company founded here in Vancouver.

The goal of my workshop was to help their leaders cultivate the foundational skills of coaching.

What do you think I asked these 100+ passionate leaders and aspiring coaches to do?


Just listen.

In fact, I asked everyone to find a partner, and for two minutes let one of the two partners share their greatest challenge at work.

During those two minutes, the other partner was asked to listen without talking at all. Even if there was a moment of silence. Even if the speaker seemed stuck. The listener’s sole purpose was to hold space and listen generously.

The feedback after the workshop was unanimous—being listened to without interruption (nor being given any advice) was a gift.

I share this with you as a simple invitation to bring more awareness to how you are listening in the most important relationships in your life.

What’s being said that you’re not hearing?

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