May 1, 2020

Open Dialogue (the book)

I started a simple daily writing habit that escalated pretty quickly into a vision for a book!

It's going to be a book for ambitious people on how to transform stress into productive energy. I'm writing it because a lot of people with big goals suffer way more than they need to (I used to be one of them).

Most people don't understand the real cause of their stress, though: themselves.

So they give up on their dreams and lower their aim in life. Or they push through stress and create even more suffering.

I want to help people understand themselves in a way that liberates them from unhealthy stress.

This book will incorporate the Open Dialogue A.I. and will be unlike anything out there. A personalized, interactive book experience.

I'm inspired and would love to bring you along for the journey. It's early days, but I'm writing more and would enjoy sharing my ideas with you.

So I created a special email list.

This new list is for people who want to read more of my writing in the coming months as I work to complete the book.

More deep insights, powerful resources, and personal stories. 1-3 emails a week max.

If you want to join that list leave your email here.

Stay curious,


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