Meet the Open Dialogue A.I.

Cultivating self-awareness can help you overcome stress and unlock your full potential.

The Open Dialogue A.I. is an A.I.-assisted journal that helps you develop a healthier relationship with your own mind.

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Meet the Open Dialogue A.I.

Cultivating self-awareness is the key to overcoming stress and unlocking your full potential.

The Open Dialogue A.I. is the only A.I.-assisted journal to help you overcome stress, live more creatively and unlock your potential.

Get started now—the A.I. is free to use.

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Self-reflection with an A.I. chatbot

Writing out your thoughts is helpful, especially when you get external feedback and encouragement.

A small team and I created a chatbot that helps you explore stressful topics and generate more self-awareness.

The Open Dialogue A.I. is designed to help you clarify your thinking so you can overcome limiting beliefs and work more effectively with  difficult emotions.

"The A.I. has helped me become more self-expressed in all areas of my life."
"I'm going to go there... I think this technology is going to change the world."